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Kate is a master trainer, leadership coach and internationally experienced courseware designer. 

She is an outstanding facilitator who is sought after for her thought leadership and her engaging delivery style. She skilfully encourages participants to open their minds to new ways of thinking and behaving whilst simultaneously making the experience fun and enriching.


Kate Smyth

What others say about Kate

"Kate was incredibly knowledge, confident and approachable. I would sign up for training with her anytime!"   

Helen B - Qld Dep. E&H

"Kate was rock solid in delivering the program and able to create a sense of social comfort." 

Zack H - Urban Utilities

"Engaging, well balanced training. Great depth of knowledge." 

Paul G - QPS

" An excellent program, expertly facilitated. Kate did well to bring out some excellent insights from individuals within the team." 

Leanne L - QUT

New for 2019 - Trending Workshops

Impact! Ethical Influence



Ethical influence in the workplace is about helping others see your perspective, be open to new information, and consider new opportunities. It is collaboration for greater good whilst enhancing your reputation and charisma.

In this workshop you will learn:

  •  the difference between persuasion, coercion and influence
  • your own influence DNA, what strengthens it or holds it back
  • the neuroscience of creating influence
  • 7 principles of influencing
  • strategies to influence for collaborative advantage

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Extend Your REACH



Are you tired of old profiling systems that don’t really help you capitalise on their reports?


REACH Quotient (RQ) was launched into Australia in March 2019. It is an evidence-based way to measure not only a default personality style, but more importantly each person’s current agility to adapt to different circumstances and to engage with different people - their REACH.

REACH aligns to 16 key communication and leadership competencies meaning that each person has a personalised plan for growth and development.

In this workshop each person will:  

  • receive a report showing their current REACH 
  • identify their REACH strengths and areas to develop
  • discover how their REACH influences their workplace interactions
  • learn strategies to grow their REACH to better interact with others 

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Building Resilience

Leadership workshop

  Today’s workplaces are increasingly complex, fast-paced and yet more than ever, we are expected to produce high-quality outcomes with a smile on our faces. 

If your team are showing signs of burn out, with negative thinking and a lack of enthusiasm (or you want to prevent this from happening) then training their ‘resilience muscle’ is a must.

This workshop will assist your team to thrive and not merely survive by helping each person to:


  • Identify the hallmarks of highly resilient people
  • Determine their own level of resilience
  • Understand the brain science around resilience
  • Understanding how thinking drives behaviour and outcomes
  • Apply a range of positive thinking skills 
  • Practice mindfulness, gratitude focusing and positivity journaling 

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H.I.T High Impact Teams

Teams workshop

Are you looking to take your team from good to great? Do you want to increase their cohesion, unite them on priorities and bolster their commitment?

The H.I.T. program is designed for teams to assess their current performance against the characteristics of high performing teams and identify ways of increasing their impact. Participants will work with their counterparts and their team leader to examine their understanding of the team’s purpose, goals and values, as well as the reputation the team wants to foster.

Collaboratively, your team will:

  • Identify the team’s stage of development
  • Recognise the characteristics of high performing teams
  • Understand the purpose and values driving their team
  • Increase awareness of each person’s impact
  • Foster workplace relationships to facilitate team cohesion 

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Neuroscience for Change

Change workshop


Change in the workplace is constant yet it is estimated that 80% of change efforts fail.

By understanding the neurological drivers that  either hold us back or propel us forward to success can significantly improve a change effort's success rate. 

Designed for leaders and teams this workshop helps participants understand what is happening to them neurologically and equips them to choose change.

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Persuasive Business Writing

Business Writing Workshop

Writing effectively at work is a fundamental skill, yet we rarely get taught it in school or university. 

This workshop will help your staff produce everyday business documents with greater ease, confidence and effectiveness.

Each person will  understand how to:

  • Structure a document to ensure a logical, complete and credible argument
  • Write in plain English to maximise reader comprehension
  • Write persuasively
  • Produce effective emails that get results
  • Adjust their writing tone to suit the topic and the reader
  • Apply contemporary grammar, punctuation and formatting 

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Delivery Options

Full Day Immersive Workshops

If your learners are brand new to a topic, need to upskill fast, or want a really comprehensive experience, a full day provides opportunity to dig deep into concepts and to engage in more robust activities to cement learning.

Ideal for 1 - 20 people

Half Day Power Workshops

Covering 4-6 key aspects of a full day workshop this option provides a perfect balance of detail and opportunity to apply new learning.

Best suited for 1-20 people

90 Minute Focus Sessions

Highly targeted training that engages and upskills staff whilst minimising downtime. 

We work with you to define the key areas of change needed then, at your workplace, conduct one-on-one or small group sessions to make real change, fast.

Fantastic for 1 - 4 people

60 Minute Energiser Key Notes

High impact presentation experiences designed to engage, enthuse and energise your people. 

Ideal for whole of staff meetings and strategic planning days. 

Perfect for large groups of 20-100

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Building Resilience Workshop

Mastering Business Writing Workshop

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