Leadership Coaching


Are you ready to take the next step in your career? 


If you are an established or emerging leader wanting to surface your vision and goals, grow your leadership capabilities; and achieve what’s important to you then give me a call to find out how my coaching can ignite your success. 

My leadership coaching programs are designed to challenge, support and empower you to evolve as an effective leader. To fulfil your potential, bringing out the best in you and your team. 

Coaching sessions are delivered face-to-face or with Skype as three packages:

Power Start 1.5 hr initial session + 1 x 1 hour sessions. Perfect for finding new perspective on a specific issue and/ or to reboot your leadership energy.

Find your Focus  1.5 hr initial session + 5 x 1 hr sessions. Over six sessions we explore your motivators, your barriers, and patterns of thoughts and behaviours over a number of issues. Suited for people wanting help with more than one issue, wanting to smash bigger goals, or who know they are great starters but not such great finishers!

Amazing You!  1.5 hr initial session + 11 x 1 hr sessions. Ideal for people seeking to make serious transformation and lasting change to themselves and/ or their team. People who understand that change is a journey and new thought patterns and behavioural habits take time to gel. 



"Speaking with you inspired and helped me so much. Your feedback and understanding were just what I needed. I really liked the way you helped direct me to find answers as well as pointing some out. I enjoyed speaking with you about situations and felt like you totally understood the bigger picture. Your support definitely was what got me through and I couldn't have done it without you!"

Raechel W., Body Spice

"Kate helped me gain the confidence in myself that I needed. She was the listening ear, the gentle push, and that wonderful champion that I needed to take my next career leap."

Amanda K - Westpac

"Kate was instrumental in helping me to understand myself better and use that insight to better lead my team."

Patrik J - Energex